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The wind blower Guy Bélanger presents Eldorado, his 8th album. The record, as always, gives a great deal to the blues, this time colored with subtle touches of funk and folk. There are also majestic and cinematic instrumental pieces of which only Guy has the secret.

Probably the most accomplished record of Guy Bélanger's long and successful career, Eldorado continues the momentum of previous albums with this clever blend of original pieces and carefully chosen reruns including Van Morrison's Bright Side of the Road and the brilliant Sign ' O The Times by Prince, piece recorded in collaboration with Franco-German singer and guitarist Mathis Haug.


In addition to being surrounded by his accomplices Rob MacDonald (guitar), Marc-André Drouin (bass) and Michel Dufour (drums), Guy invited, in addition to Mathias Haug, cellist Eric Longsworth, percussionist Paul Picard (Céline Dion ) as well as keyboardist Bob Stagg.


Eldorado calls for a search for lost riches and emotions and allows you to make an incursion into the unique and magnificent universe of Guy Bélanger.

What they said about ELDORADO:

Tout en haut, à l’harmonica, celui du blues et non de la polka, les cadors actuels s’appellent Billy Branch, Jerry Portnoy, Joe Nosek, Kim Wilson et, bien évidemment, le vieux Charlie Musselwhite. Qui d’autre ? Guy Bélanger et personne d’autre ! - Le Devoir, Serge Truffault


(…) long may he be open to such diverse influences for his humble blues harmonica.- Toronto Blues Society, John’s Blues Picks 


« Guy Bélanger assure avec brio toutes les parties d'harmonica bien entendu, mais aussi tient le piano sur "Hummin' et prends la quasi-totalité du chant, un exercice pour lequel il montre au fil des années de plus en plus d'aptitude et de talent." - Fred Delforge, Le Zicazine, France


En nous peignant son Eldorado personnel, l’artiste rend le cri de son harmonica tout ce qu’il y a de plus universel.

- Radio-Canada, Ici-Musique, Nathan Lelièvre


Some cats just exist so far above and beyond that there’s really nothing you can add.  This four decade long and running Canadian harp player has won everything and played with everyone but he steadfastly refuses to make a  ‘look ma, no hands’ record.  An instrumental tour de force from a pro that refuses to stop rocking,  if you like cats that can play a harp inside out, this is the cat for you. Well done. - Midwest Records  USA


Il y a des albums qui frôlent la perfection. En voilà un. -Le Soleil, Normand Provencher

Guy a composé un album d’allégresse, une quête pour trouver l’équilibre et le bonheur...Pour moi, c’est LE meilleur harmoniciste que l’on a le plaisir d’avoir chez nous, ici au Québec. Il est doté d’une sensibilité émouvante et d’une belle douceur. L’Eldorado que nous présente Guy Belanger nous dicte ceci…. Pour être heureux et habiter ce bonheur, nous devons avoir le courage d’avancer et de suivre ses rêves, car ils connaissent le chemin ! - Nathalie Leblond


« (…) most accomplished album to date! Blues sprinkled with jazzy accents a touch of funk, and always this harmonica that grabs you by the heart and takes you exactly where it wishes." - # Blues Music


«Guy Bélanger continue de nous réconforter avec son harmonica et son talent. Il mélange subtilement les genres sur cet album qu’on a envie d’écouter et de réécouter. Un album dont vous ne vous lasserez pas!» - Jean-François Côté, Radio-Canada 

Guy Bélanger lets listeners discover his musical universe, thanks to the interesting song lyrics, his excellent harmonica playing and his well-pitched voice. This is an elegant, harmonious and good conceived album who contribute to round up a carefully thought and developed recording in every musical aspect, not only for the musicians who have been involved on it but also for Guy’s own final production, that allows him to give out the most precious sound as well as a really tasteful final album mixing. VERY GOOD.  - La Hora Del Blues Barcelone Espagne


"Belanger brings more variety and superior writing than heard on most blues-oriented harmonica albums. His tone and gift for melody alone are worth the listen." - Making A Scene - USA


Guy Bélanger c’est un talent unique, c'est quelqu’un qui réussis vraiment à nous transporter dans son univers avec son harmonica!

- Annie-Soleil Proteau, Salut Bonjour Weekend

Quebec-born Guy Belanger is a musical genius… - Bob Bonsey, Blues Matters, UK


"Une œuvre qui mérite d'être pleinement appréciée" - Remo Ricaldone Planet Country Italie

"...Bottom line, Eldorado is a truly beautiful album- like a massage for the soul!" - John A. Kereiff The Rock Doctor Vancouver


While waiting to be able to resume the shows that were planned for the tour of the ELDORADO album, here are 4 videos that are part of the webcasting that we made last summer! In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


A consolation before finally being able to see each other again in theaters. Take care of yourself and see you on the other side of containment !!

Friendships Guy Bélanger







At the beginning, in 1974, Guy Bélanger seemed to be definitely heading towards a career focused on the traditional blues. Armed with his harmonicas on his belt, he meets Bob Walsh, also from Quebec City, who will introduce him to the basics of the blues by sharing the different stages of the Old Capital.


Later, he joined the ranks of Delta Blues Band with which he played for more than 4 years. The group presents more than 200 shows per year in Quebec, Ontario or the Maritimes with a repertoire made up of the great classics of the blues. It is also with the DBB that he will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with big names such as Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, Big Mama Thornton, James Cotton and Dutch Mason. These different experiences greatly contribute to broaden his musical horizons.


In 1987, he joined the formation of bluesman Bob Walsh. They will participate in 15 editions of the Montreal International Jazz Festival together. In 1995, Les Colocs invited him to participate in the recording of their second album Atrocetomique. Will follow a succession of collaborations with more than 60 Quebec and French artists including Céline Dion and Cirque du Soleil.


In 2003, the meeting with guitarist Claude Fradette gave birth to the soundtrack for the film Gaz Bar Blues which won the Jutra award for best film music and the Lys Blues for best album in 2003. Their collaboration is still alive and they signed the music for the film The Timekeeper (2009) and Vivre à 100 Milles per hour (2019) by Louis Bélanger as well as the music for the television series Les Boys (SRC) by Louis Saïa between 2009 and 2012 and Séquelles in 2016 That year, he also signed as sole composer the soundtrack of the film Les Mauvaises Herbes, nominated for the Prix Iris 2017.


The first solo album of compositions and collaborations, the eponymous Guy Bélanger will finally see the light of day in February 2008 and will attract rave reviews from both the public and the press (4 Lys Blues in 2009 for album of the year, male blues artist, songwriter and revelation band).


Crossroads was released in September 2010 and also won numerous accolades. In 2011, he composed, in collaboration with Benoit Charest, the music for the film Route 132 which will be awarded the Jutra Prize for best original music.


The album Dusty Trails was released in October 2012 and the Canadian tour began a few weeks later. The homecoming album entitled Blues Turn was released in 2014. It was recorded in Chicago, Toronto and Montreal and received a nomination as Independent Recording of the Year at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January 2015. Guy will also win this year- there the prize for the best harmonica player in Canada and will tour his show in the country and in France.


In 2016, the ace-harmonica player composed the soundtrack for his brother Louis' film Les Mauvaises Herbes and participated as a special guest in Céline Dion's Quebec tour during the summer. In the fall, he received the 2016 André Gagnon Prize from the SPACQ (Professional Society of Authors and Composers of Quebec). Recognized for his sensitivity, his generosity and his talent, Guy is admired for his capacity to safeguard sincerity in virtuosity.


Accumulating prizes and distinctions, he launched his 7th career album: Traces & Scars, which will be nominated as Instrumental Album of the year 2017 at ADISQ. This album celebrates Guy's talent as a composer. Created when the artist was celebrating great personal victories but also experiencing deep mourning, it contains ten instrumental pieces that navigate between folk and blues as well as two superb songs, one of which is performed by Luce Dufault. This inspired, luminous recording, dedicated to the friend Bob Walsh (1947-2016) presents the best of the gentleman harmonica player and composer, whose pleasure to play is evident, intact more than 45 years after his debut.


Guy Bélanger launches the album Eldorado on October 25, 2019, continuing on this long road paved with musical adventures. He is accompanied by his amazing team of Rob MacDonald (guitars), Marc-André Drouin (bass) and Michel Dufour (drums). In addition, emeritus musicians met during his travels and tours have joined him. Cellist Eric Longsworth, Franco-German singer guitarist Mathis Haug and Paul Picard (Celine Dion's percussionist) are among the number.







Céline Dion (Encore un Soir);
Cirque Du Soleil (Nuba, Wintuk et Viva Elvis!);
Bob Walsh (éponyme, Live, avec le Quatuor Allard, Unforgettable Songs, Blues,
Canadian Blues Rendez-Vous, The Only Soul, Inside I'm All Blue, There's a Story here et After The Storm);
Lynda Lemay (Le Secret des Oiseaux, Feutres et Pastels et Décibels et des Silences);
Bobby Bazini (Better in Time);
Jean Pierre Ferland
 (Toutes les Femmes de ma vie);
La Voix (édition 2015);
France D'Amour (Animal, Déchainée, Hors de tout doute, Les Autres, D'Amour PQ  et En Love Majeur);
Maxime Landry (Vox Pop, Nos Histoires);
Eric Lapointe (Le Ciel de mes combats) et 
Le Petit Roy (Hommage à J.P. Ferland) Une chance qu'on s'a;
Jael Bird Joseph
 (The Journal of Forgotten Memories);
Les Colocs (Atrocetomique);
Steve Hill (éponyme et Call it What You Will);
Star Académie (album 2004 et 2005);
Nanette Workman (Roots, Mississippi Rolling Stone et Just Gettin' Started);
World Kora Trio avec Eric Longsworth
(Un poisson dans le désert);
Dawn Tyler Watson (Jawbreaker);
Claude Dubois Duo Dubois;
Sophie Tapie (Sauvage);
Véronique Dicaire (éponyme);
Chloé St-Marie (Je marche à toi);
Hugo Lapointe (Célibataire, La Trentaine, Hugo Lapointe et Mon arc est une guitare);
Mitsou (Lettre à un cowboy);
Michel Cusson (L'Automne sauvage);
Kashtin (Innu et Akua Tuta);
Renée Martel (Authentique et Country);
Gildor Roy (Une autre chambre d'hôtel et Plein l'dos);
La Chicane (En Catimini, Disparu et
Entre nous Autres);
Les Parfaits Salauds (Constat à l'amiable);  
Gaston Mandeville (Huit);  
Pierre Flynn (Mirador);      
Kim Richardson (Kaleidoscope);
Annie Blanchard (Marcher vers le Nord);
J.F. Girard (Clin D'oeil);
Eric Goulet (Vol. 2 Comme un cave);
Carolyn Fe (Bad Taboo);
Cisco Herzhaft (Good Hand);
Ria Reece Band (Out All Night);
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